About Us

Professor Ian Jacobs

How did it start?

The UNSW Co-op Program was started in 1987 in response to industry’s unmet demand for exceptional IT graduates. Since then Co-op has extended into many areas of Engineering, Applied Science, Business and the Built Environment, based on industry demand.


What's so special about UNSW Co-op?

Our Co-op Program scholarship offers more than financial support, it aims to develop our scholars into professionals, not just graduates at the end of a university degree and makes sure our scholars have lots of fun along the way.

"Co-op students really stand out to employers during graduate recruitment season. Through the industry placements, they gain valuable real world experience in the profession. It not only gives them a head start over other graduate candidates in both technical and soft skills, but also means they can make better careers choices having had the chance to experience what various roles actually involve."

Liz Brown, Partner, Risk Services, Deloitte.


What programs are offered?

There are now 24 programs available in the fields of Business, Science, Engineering and Built Environment.

All Co-op scholars in Accounting and Business Management; Finance and Banking; Commerce Information Systems; and Marketing will enrol in a 4 year B.Com (Co-op) Degree.

Co-op scholars completing their degree in the Business Information Systems and Actuarial Studies are also awarded four year degrees, the B. Information Systems (Co-op) Degree in Business Information Systems and the B. Actuarial Studies (Co-op) Degree.

Co-op scholars undertaking Engineering, Science and Built Environment programs will enrol in the aligned existing undergraduate program at UNSW.

All programs offer industry experience, however the schedules vary with respect to program duration and the number/length of placements.

For more specific details, look up the programs you are interested in.