The ultimate virtuous circle – a Co-op alumnus creating another opportunity for a future Co-op scholar to develop into a successful young professional who may one day go on to do the same.

Many of our alumni act as sponsors now that they are in the working world. Some become our key contacts in our existing current sponsor companies, others open doors for the program by championing the program at a new company or a company they have founded themselves! Our alumni at sponsor companies are our valued allies in helping us train, mentor and support our current scholars in the real world of work.

Becoming a sponsor is the ultimate ‘giving back’ contribution you can make to Co-op.

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Group of students

The Co-op Program offers an alumni mentoring program for first years as a part of their professional development. Each first year is allocated an alumni contact to connect with to discuss their upcoming first placement and more broadly gain advice about navigating their blossoming career.

“I've enjoyed mentoring Co-op scholars, revisiting some of the concerns faced by new entrants into the workforce and providing some guidance to make that transition easier. It's also great to see the high calibre students that the Co-op program continues to develop and motivate.”

Steven D’Souza, Accounting alumnus, Telstra

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Professional Development

The scholars are supported to make the transition between study to the work place through our professional development program which offers various workshops and our famous leadership camp (number one highlight identified by our alumni) throughout their time with us.

Industry and alumnus input into our professional development is always welcome and encouraged. Each year we seek out guest speakers to offer advice and insights to our scholars about workplace expectations, career development and navigating the graduate recruitment process. Participating in our professional development workshops is not only a wonderful way to give back to the program, but also a valuable opportunity to gain exposure for your company with an audience of keen young soon-to-be graduates.

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Group of students

Cast your mind back to the day you were interviewed for the Co-op Program – and now put yourself on the other side of the desk – this is your chance to ask the questions and select the Co-op scholars of tomorrow.

Each year at the end of November we interview the next group of potential Co-op scholars who will start with us the following year. Our interview panels are comprised of sponsor representatives, alumni and/or academics. It is one full day commitment on campus.

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Let us share your success with the broader Co-op family!

We know Alumni of the Co-op Program get up to all sorts of amazing things, and we’d really like to share your success with both those who are in or applying for the program, but also with other Alumni!  If you, or another Alumnus you know have some news, a story, or even an ongoing project you’d like to share with us please give us a few details in this form and we’ll be in touch for further info if needed.

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