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While there has been a lot of talk about outsourcing to overseas countries, this phenomenon has actually resulted in increased employment opportunities for our graduates. As companies produce cheaper products by having all the basic coding performed in other countries, they sell more of their product, and hence need more Software Engineers to design and implement new products.

Employment opportunities are available in companies that develop significant software systems, including the computing, software, telecommunications, electronics, finance and defence industries as well as in business. 


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Find out more about Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the engineering profession concerned with the development of reliable and useful software systems. Software systems are very often very complex, due to the flexibility that can be provided by software. The systems can also be very large and their design and implementation may involve large teams of people.

At UNSW, an emphasis is placed right from the start on working in teams and developing software that is guaranteed to work. These skills are developed through a unique series of workshops that build up over three years. Software Engineering students also learn about functionality and security. They learn all aspects of the software life cycle, and acquire invaluable professional skills, including report writing, presentation, team management and project management.

Engineering as a discipline is all about designing and building new products that meet some set of requirements. When applied to the field of software, this means that the focus is on creating new technologies rather than using current applications. Our graduates design new computer systems that will be used by many people around the world.

Major Studies:
Software engineering, software development, software process and system design

Minor Studies:
Artificial intelligence, computer architecture, graphics, human computer interaction, information systems, computer interfacing, networks and project management

For more information contact:

Dr. Wen Hu
Senior Lecturer | School of Computer Science and Engineering
Phone: (02) 9385 7679

Group of students
Who should apply?

In addition to meeting the general entrance requirements for a Co-op scholar (see Are you the next Co-op scholar?), successful applicants should:

  • Be aspiring leaders,
  • Think outside the square and envision totally new concepts,
  • Be articulate (in order to relay their specifications to their teams),
  • Be sociable (to facilitate the team leadership).

A strong performance in mathematics and a creative flair are usually good indicators of a student who will succeed in Software Engineering.

The recommended knowledge for entry into the UNSW Co-op Program in Software Engineering is:

  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • English Advanced

See FAQs for 'What is Recommended &/or Assumed Knowledge?'

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