Vacancies for current UNSW students

Are you a current NON-Co-op student looking for

* a single internship with one of the Co-op Program’s industry leading partners? OR

* a late entry Co-op Program scholarship in your area of study?


The UNSW Co-op Program partners with industry leaders in the Business, Technology, Science and Engineering sectors to bring UNSW students unparalleled opportunities to combine their academic study with real world experience.  Please see the listing of current internship opportunities below, and there are more added each week!  


Changes to Business School Internships from 2019

From 2019 ALL Co-op managed Internships in the Business School attract UOC and HECs & count towards your degree

  • 12UOC for a 24 week Internship* (A maximum of 6UOC can be counted in each of your Business School majors)
  •  6UOC for a 12+ week Internship*

NB. The UOC awarded to this Internship will only count toward your degree IF it can be accommodated as above or within your remaining free electives.




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Program type
Current year in program
2nd - 4th year

NEW OPPORTUNITY: A 4-month internship in Marketing / Accounting is now available with prestigious Co-op sponsor company, Jaguar Land Rover.

MKT19-INT4S2 is a 17-week placement from 21 October 2019 - 14 February 2020.

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Application close
9am Tuesday 24 Sep
To event remaining 4 days
Materials Science and Engineering
Closing soon
Program type
Current year in program
1st Year
Application close
5pm Friday 20 Sep
The upcoming date less then 1 day.


*CO-OP INTERNSHIP COURSE CODES:  24 week Internship - COMM2101(Internship 1) OR COMM3202(Internship 2); 

                                                                12+ week Internship - COMM3303 OR COMM2222

Note: Applications will take into consideration your academic results. Scholarship applicants must maintain a minimum Credit (Distinction for Finance) in courses and WAM to be considered. This is also desirable when applying for internships.

This is a summary of vacancies available. For specific selection criteria and conditions of each vacancy click on the links above (where available) or contact the Co-op Office.